aGe oF iNsaNitY started back in the mid 90's. Based on circle mud and customized by the original creator Bub, AOI has been a constant since 1996. Over the years, the mud has seen many changes. Admin have come and gone, new zones and exp systems have been implemented and world content has been added over the many years of AOI. It suffered a small downtime in 2013, but is now back and in the hands of a more active Admin. Headed by Stoned and a few other long time players, AOI is staged for a resurgence. ROM Olc is live on a test port allowing new content to be added in a much more effective manner. Coders work tirelessly behind the scenes to make the AOI experience enjoyable for all.

Posted by Faeruk on May 25, 2014


In ages past, men, dwarves, and elves lived in great kingdoms in the east. Further east, and extending far to the north and the south, was an impenetrable mountain range, known only as "The Barrier". For many hundreds of years, these people strove to climb the barrier, but to no avail, and they were without hope.

Legend has it that a great ranger, whose name has been lost to time, did make it across the barrier. On the other side, he found that the world he knew was floating upon a great sea. It was not an ocean of water, as we know it, but a vast expanse of chaos. On a whim, he drank from the sea, and was forever changed. He was immortal.

These events ended the first age of the world, the Age of Discovery.

At that first sip from the Sea of Immortality, the great beasts and titans that lived within the mountains surrounding and guarding this chaos awoke. They descended upon and destroyed the kingdoms and empires of the east. All who opposed them were slain. The people were forced to flee into the western land, a great peninsula extending out into the ocean. After many years, the creatures of chaos returned to their lairs within the border, to guard the sea of immortality.

In the east, the civilizations were rebuilt. Now, however, the people knew of the possibility of immortality. Everyone wanted to be immortal. This period of time is known as the Age of Greed. Great sages built great machines to cross the barrier underwater. Magicians experimented with flight. Other, more rugged adventurers took the more old fashioned approach, and attempted to scale the mountains.

Only one group of adventurers was successful. A brave warrior named U Po Kyin led a band of travelers far to the north and east and climbed the barrier, drank from the sea of immortality and returned, unscathed.

U Po Kyin's success ended the Age of Greed and began the third age of the world. This is a time where greed and fear has dominated the way most people think and act. Immortals from the first and second ages rule powerful kingdoms and war with each other, costing the lives of many thousands. Trust is a thing of the past. This is the...

aGe oF iNsaNitY

Posted by Faeruk on Dec 20, 2013

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